OSX High Sierra, Adobe and Dreamweaver troubleshooting and solution

High Sierra, Adobe and Dreamweaver troubleshooting and solution : downgrade, change and/or shorten Dw site file path

This is a horror story that spans several weeks. Oh boy what a nightmare this was and still is. In order to help and prevent people from having similar experiences,  I am sharing a hard lesson learned.

The story begins with a Macbook crash. I connected an external monitor to the laptop and worked with an external hard drive. It went fine for a while but suddenly an error occurred and the laptop crashed. Was it the external drive or the monitor that caused a problem? I still have no clue.

With “Command R” I managed to revive the macbook for a while. But the machine was unstable. I learned and tried all available startup key combinations, did safe boot, PRAM/NVRAM reset and used terminal commands, all without success. Then I decided to go for an upgrade and a clean OSX install. A lot of work, sorting of files and even making a start-up disk. Silly stupid me decided to simultaneous update my Mac mini as well. Thinking systems should be in sync with each other. Oh, what misfortune, shock and horror. Dear people, never ever upgrade stuff that is running smoothly! Just ignore all those store update notifications.

After upgrading to High Sierra the Macbook totally died and the Mac mini did not work properly anymore. The machine became extremely slow, gave lots of errors and would freeze all the time. I was now in the horror situation that I could not work due to 2 system failures and Adobe applications malfunction. I spent days and nights reading fora troubleshooting reports and suggested solutions. I tried numerous things, un-installing, re-installing, downloading drivers, scripts, cache cleaning, library files renaming etc. etc. etc. It was all in vain. I had no other option but to use Time Machine backup to wipe clean the Mac mini and restore a back-up with the previous operation system.

Restoring Mac mini with a Time Machine backup | The horror story of an upgrade and incompatible software. Downgrading OSX High Sierra.
Restoring Mac mini. Downgrading OSX High Sierra because the machine became too slow and too many software problems occurred.

Yes, when I downgraded OSX, the applications Bridge, Indesign, Photoshop and Lightroom were back on track. However Dreamweaver was not. Again I went through the process of un-installing, re-installing and consulting fora. I found no solution yet kept on trying things out. Today I discovered by chance that moving and renaming my Dw sites/files provided a solution. For now I am content I can work with my Mac mini and most used applications again.

My frustration : I paid a lot of money for a Macbook pro (2012) and had several issues with it; which forced me to invest in a Mac mini (2015) as a ‘back-up’ system. Also I paid a huge sum for Adobe -mac- Design software only to find out that the software company stopped supporting and developing the desktop applications (!)  Adobe is -as you probably know- now only selling and developing cloud subscriptions. (Hey Adobe, a discount on your cloud plan would have been a nice gesture (!).

And now I must decide what to do with the laptop. Repair or replacement that is the question. I am in dire need of a mobile machine as well. (No, I will not make the mistake again to buy at a reseller. That is an issue I could also write a long article about). Too bad I can not switch back to Windows… Sometimes I wish I could. I honestly believe Apple and Adobe support is insufficient, quality is lacking and computer lifespan too short. On top of that they force users into expensive software subscriptions and premature hardware upgrades/replacements. (See similar consumer strategies with smartphones and apps. People are forced to spend, spend, spend and trash, trash, trash. I am so fed up with this waste. Don’t you? I wonder if I still have my old Nokia in a drawer…;+)) 

To end with a positive note. I did learn a bunch : troubleshooting and consulting expert fora, all the start-up key combinations, Terminal commands, applications configuration and settings and of course the importance of back-ups! As shit happens, be prepared and do your back-up duties. Time Machine is good and easy. Make good use of it. 

p.s. I missed stuff afterwards, like bookmarks. also cookies popped up again…

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