Campaign : be honest about photo retouching [read manipulation] / documentary “beperkt houdbaar”

Beperkt houdbaar (over the hill, limited usability, best before date) / the people vs the beauty industry. A documentary and the public responses, the reactions, debates and campaigns… Following a documentary that is about beauty and the beauty industry, a campaign “be honest about photoshop edited photos” was launched in The Netherlands. Aim of the campaign is to challenge printed media to be transparant about their published photos, to raise public awareness about photo manipulation and to start a debate about the -often by glossy and male magazines- created illusions. Nine Dutch magazines participate and commit in a campaign “be honest about photoshop edited photos”. Magazines that publish minimal edited photos will use a “photoshop-vrij” (photoshop-free)* logo to indicate so to their readers. Playboy initially said it would use a logo “gephotoshopt” (photoshop edited) but did not eventually…

Lees het artikel Photoshop-vrij actie op de website “beperkt houdbaar”.

See the videos. Also on the website : Manifesto in English

* Magazines that use the photoshop-free logo indicate that minimal photo editing/retouch is done. Normal colour correction is okay. Also removing a single pimple. But it is not allowed to remove wrinkles. Body parts may not be manipulated : no leg ‘extension’, smaller made waists, enlarged breasts etc etc.

We call upon advertisers and magazine editors to provide clarity in the murky unknown: accompany every manipulated too-good-to-be-true image with a fitting caption: “Pore-less thanks to Photoshop” or “This model was digitally narrowed and her neck was elongated”. This way, everyone will be able to tell fact from fiction in future.

Want to see some photo “retouch” : click portfolio, open a photo and move your mouse away from the photo

What’s wrong with this picture?Pascal Dangin shrugs. “This world is not reality,” he said, fingering the print. “It’s just paper.”

Video NYT : Sex, lies and photoshop

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