Fine art photography fair and exhibition in Paris

I visited the fair and exhibition several times. At the fair one can find and admire remarkable old and new photo work. I must admit that I’ve been perplexed and even embarrassed about work that was on display there and at times in shock about some price tags.

This year’s manifestation, from 15-18 November, is called “The eye of the world”. Although I’m intriged by the guests of honor and the theme, Italian photographers of the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s whose thematic focus is the landscape, I think I will skip this year. (Last year I was disappointed to see photos that I had seen at previous fairs…). Maybe I should visit Photo London in spring 2008?

Viking girl – “Sjösättning” – Hornbore by

Sweden, 4 August – © 2007 judith den hollander –

I made this photo in a special village on the west coast of Sweden.
She came on a special boat with a group of special people. They came for a special event, the “Sjösättning”, the launch of their new viking boat…
Please contact me, so I can send the photo of you and your friend.


To my surprise and delight I was honoured (22 June) with the Pierre Cox award 2007. A prize from the “Stedelijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten” in Hasselt, Belgium. The triptych of my grandmother – see one of three photos below – and my fine art prints were acknowledged for outstanding quality.