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RE : my photography blog on fine art and documentary photography


  • to you out there who might follow (some of) my posts
  • to you who finds my blog thru “search engines and keywords”
  • to you who “hits” my postings that are tagged with keywords and that are being replicated -somewhat mysteriously- in all kinds of “systems”.

I’ve set-up this blog about one month ago. 20 August to be precise. And my first post was a portrait of my grand mother. I had no specific concept for this blog/no specific goal how to go about with it. Only that it should be focused on fine art and documentary photograph. Also I had no experience with blogging : as in online diary. And I guess that this shows in the output on this blog. It’s a mixture of news, facts and some personal thoughts and posting of photos.

Although I became intriged by the phenomenon blog stats : referrers, top posts, search engine terms and clicks, I’m posting to communicate. I’m now reflecting how and if to continue. Maybe I need to focus more? Maybe I need to put in more personal thoughts?

Can someone out there tell me what the number 1,559 hits (period 20/8-27/9) means? Should I not look at stats? Are you a returning visitor, interested in what I say or interested in what I am sharing? Are you interested in fine art (film) photography and documentary photography?

I guess I want to hear (more) from you. Share some more and make this a more personal thing : a shared passion/a photography blog of peers and friends.

2 thoughts on “Blogging on fine art and documentary photography”

  1. i believe 1559 hits, mean all hits to your blog, they may be you, me, and other people.
    personally i like the style of your blog, that’s why i put feed on my browser

  2. Thanks Igor. I did not tell you before. But thru your site I re-visit part of s.o. asia. It is already 15 years ago that I travelled -half a year with backpack- thru Thailand-Malaysia-Singapore-Australia and Indonesia.

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