Book review : Magnum Magnum

“The organization of materials is a salute to Magnum’s early days—now sixty years ago—when founders edited each other’s work. Sixty-nine members in this new volume are critiqued by a fellow agency member. Eve Arnold’s images are selected by Elliott Erwitt; Erwitt’s images are chosen by Ferdinando Scianna whose images are selected by Martine Franck; and so on”.


But, Magnum, why not a “Taschen version” of the book? For student photographers, starting photographers and all those interested in your work and/or those interested to see their photo made by you but unable to pay $ 225 for a book?

Surely in six decades Magnum photographers photographed and documented people and the people’s situations. So why not an affordable book to salute the people? Why not sharing the momentum and the material with many people, from all backgrounds and from all regions?