The Sochi Project

The Sochi Project


In 2014, the Olympic Games will take place in Sochi, Russia. Never before have the Olympic Games been held in a region that contrasts more strongly with the glamour of the Games than Sochi. Just 20 kilometres away is the conflict zone Abkhazia. To the east the Caucasus Mountains stretch into obscure and impoverished breakaway republics such as Cherkessia, North Ossetia and Chechnya. On the coast old Soviet sanatoria stand shoulder to shoulder with the most expensive hotels and clubs of the Russian Riviera.

Photographer Rob Hornstra and writer/filmmaker Arnold van Bruggen plan to document the changes in the area around Sochi over the coming five years. The Sochi Project will be a dynamic mix of documentary photography, film and reportage about a world in flux; a world full of different realities within a small but extraordinary geographic area.

Shot from the hip

BJP | Shot from the hip (Photographer profile)

Native New Yorker Bruce Gilden is unapologetic about his in-your-face approach to street photography. He tells Diane Smyth why he’s getting closer still

Honestly, the first time I saw how he is working, in one of his video’s, I was in shock. I will never adopt his style, yet can not deny that his photographs are very intriguing.

5 Candid Photography Tips For Shooting From The Hip

Ted Talk : Taryn Simon photographs secret sites

Taryn Simon exhibits her startling take on photography — to reveal worlds and people we would never see otherwise. She shares two projects: one documents otherworldly locations typically kept secret from the public, the other involves haunting portraits of men convicted for crimes they did not commit.

With a large-format camera and a knack for talking her way into forbidden zones, she photographs portions of the American infrastructure inaccessible to its inhabitants.

Any new values (guidelines and ethics) upcoming?

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