Developing native eyes

An article in PopPhoto. National Geographic fights image discrimination by supporting non-Western photographers :

“Emaciated African babies with flies in their eyes. Indian women picking through earthquake rubble. Israelis and Palestinians throwing rocks. These are the images that Westerners are used to seeing from these countries — and in many ways they have lost the ability to see anything else….”.

But now there’s an initiative that might help to turn that round. I have a book called “another africa” with non stereotype images as described above. But it is a photobook and from a western photographer, Robert Lyons. Indeed, this is a timely initiative. We need to see in our media the work from talented indigenous photographers, who tell their own story from their own region!

“The photographers are given a cash prize as well as cartloads of equipment and software from sponsors, which include Adobe, LiveBooks, Epson, Kingston, Lowepro, Manfrotto, and Olympus. But more importantly, they are brought to the United States and introduced to top editors, publishers, curators, and media sources around the country”.

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  1. I’m glad that some organization has recognized that pictures aren’t “objective” precisely because they’re “selective.” Comprehensiveness would be a good way to offset this, so bringing in the work of new photographers sounds like a good idea.

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