Double-elephant folio of 250 floral images | Jonathan Singer

It’s quite a lengthy article but good reading. From podiatry to photography to wealth, with good equipment and contacts :

“Botanica Magnifica is largely a record of endangered tropical plants of the world.

“Double elephant” is the technical term for a rarely used, very large book-paper size, in this case approximately 100 by 75 centimeters (39½ by 29½ inches). Singer’s deliberate model here is the original edition of Audubon’s Birds of America, the greatest picture book ever published and the best-known double-elephant folio. Each of the volumes of Botanica Magnifica will weigh approximately 35 pounds.

My images are taxonomically perfect, they look like paintings, and they’re large.

Recently, an extremely wealthy Japanese businessman who wishes to remain anonymous, at least for the time being, agreed to pay $2.5 million for the world’s second set of Botanica Magnifica in the double-elephant folio size. (Singer plans 10 such sets and no more.) The sale price of $2.5 million would appear to give Singer the undisputed world record for a contemporary book of photographs”.

Read the full article : Vanity Fair | Photography | Flower Power, March 2008

! The University of Pittsburgh owns one of the rare, complete sets of John James Audubon’s Birds of America. Recently the University Of Pittsburgh Library System (ULS) has digitized and mounted online its collection of John James Audubon. The University presents the complete double elephant folio set of Audubon’s Birds of America, accompanied by his Ornithological Biography, through the website : University of Pittsburg.

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  1. I heard his next project is shooting the most beautiful motorcycles in the world.He has been working with the worlds top motorcycle builders.To see the craftsmanship of these custom motorcycles through Jonathans Lens is gonna turn the motorcycle world upside down.I cant wait to see the prints.Has anyone seen any.If so please share them with us.

  2. Awesome to hear Jonathan Singer has a book coming out in Sept.09 by abbeville press.Cant wait to get it.It will be such an honor to have his images in my home.Does anyone know where I can get it.Will be first inline.

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