Face on : exploring the future of the portrait

A new interactive exhibition / experiment. It’s possible to upload your photo next to celebrity portraits.

“Everybody is invited to place their work in the exhibition, which is a first for a public photography museum exhibition; in doing so like to give the opportunity to act on Andy Warhol’s famous quote ’In the future everybody will be famous’.

This reflects the fact that we are all portrait subjects and makers. Not surprisingly therefore, Getty Images’ Creative Research team’s found that 51% of images used in advertising are portraiture and that the portrait is the fastest-growing area of photography for professional use in editorial and advertising. In personal or amateur use, the portrait rapidly has become the most important photography typology spurred by the ease of digital photography and online and mobile applications”.

More on the website of FotoMuseum : Face On is showing in Antwerp from 29.02-08.06.08.

Video interview with photographer Tom Stoddart

Internet radio VRT.be / Studio Brussel (in Dutch)