Street & Fashion & Flash

updated 13 June 2008

My street photography try outs will never become projects as Garry Winogrand’s or Eugene Smith’s. (See my previous post). My god, the size of their projects and devotion… truly amazing.

Article Nuts & Bolts – the digital journalist :
about W. Eugene Smith’s silver printing technique

It seems that I can’t dedicate myself to just one facet of photography, as there are so many fascinating dimensions and I’m constantly drawn from one subject to  another.

These 2 photo’s were made in the street, an alley, but are about fashion and glamour. I made them when I attended a masterclass lumedyne flash technique in Amsterdam.

The demonstration with portable flash gear and glamorous models made me think about the photographer that I met in March at a photo event : a fashion photographer. We talked about his work, photography in general and Robert Mapplethorpe. He kindly gave me his new photo book “HB photography” (NL). We discussed and agreed that I should assist him one day at a photo shoot, so I could learn about fashion photography (and photo retouch). After the Amsterdam demo I am keen to do so and to find out more about fashion photography. Although I’m a bit intimidated (handling complex gear+model+location/spot+shot), I would like to investigate more. It seems hard work a shoot in the street, on location, but I guess a fashion shoot in a studio is hard work too.



————————————————————————————— | Streets of Gothenburg on 30 April | Chalmers Cortège Committé(CCC)