Happy 2020

To you, and to me.
May the light be good and kind to you!

I am typing this post with a smile on my face. Today I managed to hack my software and make it work for me. Let me explain. I have a new phtography tool that -sigh- could not be simply plugged and played.

It took me 2 days to figure out in/compatibility issues and solutions. Photo hardware and software is quite expensive, new equipment often requires spending additional money on a new cable, adapter, other accessories or even a program upgrade. I really wish electronic stuff be more sustainable and compatible. Of course it can be, but we all know manufacturers are strategically forcing people into new and costly as much as possible. For instance iPads and smartphones, such a ridiculous short lifetime and support. Apps that are supported for 1 max 2 years. The waste and frustration. The same applies to photography. Oh my, the brands hardware incompatibility is a pest. Photography software, the brand and platform dependency as well as the current subscription schemes are no joy either. Perpetual licenses are no longer available and/or supported. Monthly fees are the norm and all photographers simply need to comply. I understand the love and need to innovate photography tools but hate the trend to waste and dump.

But victory today, for me. I managed with a hack. My small but significant work-around is about connecting a new cable, changing software code and re-using an ‘old’ Tethered Capture program. Although the hack does not allow me to import the new camera raw file, I am able to shoot an extra jpg and see that file appear on my monitor. And that suffices! The jpg is for analysing light and composition during shoots only. All for the customer of course, so cheers to a happy you (and me ;+)).