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Updated, 15 July 2008

Nina – H3D | © 2008 judith den hollander

Okay, let me update you on the title and theme of my post.

On 7 April 2008 I had a great day in the studio of Hans van Ommeren (Hasselblad master 2001) where I attended a masterclass Hasselblad H3D.

It was quite an experience to hear, see and learn from the master, organisors and participants and to work with an amazing camera : state of the art 39 (!) megapixels.

I’m still digesting my very first experience with this camera and am studying my photo files. Not all photos are sharp, as I was shooting with camera hand held and not comfortable with the size and weight of the camera and portrait lens. But the images that are sharp, are razor sharp and of stunning quality. I’ve never seen such quality output before. And now I’m awkwardly aware of the “limitations” of my digital camera…

http://judithdenhollander.wordpress.com/2008/04/04/double-elephant-folio-of-250-floral-images-jonathan-singer/ | Read the story “flower power”, about the quality of images and a camera that changed a life.

I wonder if/when I will hold a H3D again. I would not mind testing it extensively, with and without tripod, indoors and outdoors…

Maybe I need to enter the Hasselblad competition one day as ten winners get :

“a framed diploma and the free use of a superb Hasselblad H3DII DSLR camera system for four months. During that time, they will be able to use the equipment as they wish, although they will also use it to capture images to be included in the production of a unique, high quality, photographic book”.

But then again, it seems one should only submit photos that are made with a similar quality camera (phase one)?

“…the 2009 contest to all established professional photographers using large and medium format cameras, regardless of brand”. (the latter is new, before only own brand was permitted)

Meanwhile I just continue shooting nordic landscapes with my own equipment, including Rolleiflex, as I love the square image format. Upcoming, a shoot in the north at end of this month. I’m in the Swedish mood.

Related reading : article by Ben Hattenbach about workflow and image quality. (BTW great Iceland and Alaska bears photos).

Nina - H3D
Nina – H3D | © 2008 judith den hollander

On 8 July Hasselblad sent out their newsletter announcing the H3DII-50!

Also they offered me the H3D-31 for a new low price. This is getting interesting. But, it needs to get more interesting for me, as other investments like new hardware, external hard disks etc. would also be necessary…

Hasselblad slashes its prices | BJP – 1 October 2008

But I do think a Hasselblad looks good on me. We go well together?

Thanks Josee for sharing!