Incorporating 2007 – 2011 blog posts

Finally I have imported posts from my ‘exposing light notes blog’ into this website. It’s quite a task to sort them out and re-label categories and tags, in order to align them. Also re-uploading missing photos, mending broken links or deleting outdated links takes time. So, bear with me if you see irregularities. I’m working on it.
Re-reading the older entries and subjects, I noticed the fast photography, tech and social media evolution in the last 10 years. And also that some subjects, stretched photography boundaries, Photoshop manipulation, stock photo industry and Art, were debated then as they are now.  Ja, we all have views and sentiments on photography.

Should you click some of my older entries, you will notice that documentary photography and fine art photography had my early interest and were my main blog topics.