Looking back to focus forward

Today was about photography and the truth.

A photo shoot with 2 colleagues and 2 photo models. Before setting up gear, we discussed old times at our academy of fine arts, photography trends, progress in our photography and the possibilities to do a photo project (documentary) together.

Then we started working. The men with analog equipment : Mamiya 6×7 and an impressive Linhof camera.

It was then and there that I realised and admitted that I’m no good working with a tripod and heavy “technical/elaborate” equipment. I’m clumsy when it comes to the technical part of photography and handling technical stuff. Surely I worked with a large camera and I sometimes use my tripod. But, I’m only at ease when I can move around and work with camera in hand. The only medium format camera that I can handle without tripod is my old 6×6 (compact) Rolleiflex TLR.

It also hit me that, unlike my two colleagues, I am now engaged in digital photography and less comfortable with analog workflow. I have two exposed B/W films that are in need for developping since seven months.

Despite the fact that I think large format photo work is awesome and that I enjoy working with film, as it is a pleasant experience/awareness, I’m getting out of touch with the “old” ways. Yet when it comes to the “new” ways and “new prints” : I’m still searching. I miss my baryte prints!

But, it’s time to focus, to part from my analog cameras -except Leicaflex and Rolleiflex for special (personal) projects-, set up a digital workflow and go serious with my photography.

Technical paper – Making the Transition from Film to Digital

I enjoyed working together, it’s inspiring. I’m keen to meet up again, touch base and do a project. Synergies are great. Thanks guys. And girls.


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