Milestone : one year of blogging

Things that spontaneously pop to mind :

  • it takes time !
  • it’s fun
  • it improves my writing skills (striving to be coherent)
  • it improves my English (Dutch is my mother tongue)
  • it connects me with peers
  • i learn to network through social networks (but the learning is not always intuitive and it is time consuming – need to set limits)
  • i learn about web 2.0 tools, widgets, statistics etc. etc.
  • i get flattered by a referral
  • i love linking things together (but shouldn’t be overdoing this)
  • i read other opinions, tips, resources
  • i see other blogs and sites and get inspired by the very creative and innovative ones (so many great ones out there)
  • i’m learning to filter the quality info from the quantity
  • it’s a continuous learning curve and magical discovery tour
  • but, will i manage to maintain the blog ?

Here’s to bloggers – thank you for sharing !