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As I am not posting on Facebook anymore, I am ‘re-sharing’ FB posts via my Blog. For those interested. This one from Pia.

Screenshot of her Facebook page showing positive reactions to one of our photographs.
Below the photo with a proper colour profile.
One of the photos from 3 shoots we did together in Zeeland, NL. 
A woman dressed in a blue aquamarine dress sitting at darks rocks near the water, looking like a fairy tale mermaid, washed ashore with a purpose. She has a sound healing bowl in her hand. Photo by fine art photographer Judith den Hollander.
One of the photos from 3 shoots we did together in Zeeland, NL. Great result and an amazing experience making exceptional images together (finally, after planning a shoot for more than 2 years).

When we came to this Zeeland location, I immediately analysed the situation. I saw and used the gorgeous -sun setting- light, dark rocks and the colour harmonies : blue-aqua-yellow/orange. The instant vision I had as a photographer and quickly executed proofed spot on. As the sun is setting fast behind the water dyke, this is storytelling in a split second. I portrayed Pia as the Sound Healer totally in tune with nature. And my beautiful friend looks like a fairy tale mermaid, washed ashore with a purpose…..

We worked with focus, effort and good energy. Just the two of us, no assistance. Pia dressed and styled extraordinary and selected her Sound Healing / Meditation instruments and props. She did so for each shoot. We did a total of 3 shoots on 3 locations with 3 different styles and moods.

We both wanted to make images that would stand out. Synergy occurs when 2 people love to create and share an experience.

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Vandaag een echte vakantiedag… een boek uitgelezen in een luie stoel… Geleend uit de boekenkast 'Katse Vrije Bieb',…

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