Photo fair preparations

Although I’m not one that upgrades gear whenever new is marketed or one that follows latest electronic innovations and visits trade fairs, I ordered a train ticket and e-ticket for the photo fair in Cologne.

Photokina is an international fair for the photographic / imaging sector that offers an interesting programme for many photographers : all sorts of presentations (the list of exhibitors is overwhelming), demonstrations  and few exhibitions.

And although I’m not interested in the (latest) technology (that part of photography never did/does go well and easy with me…*, I am making an effort to learn the specifics of a product that I need and to compare brands. So, I’m traveling up to Germany.

Anticipating the queues (often men, bigger, taller and more eager than me), I do intend to see, feel (try) and learn  more about the things that I need -to take my photography further- and to make it to the counters and/or demos and to pose my questions.

I need to invest in :

– a monitor (priority);
– a printer (orientations at the fair and then a workshop as i need to see if own digital printmaking is doable. Honestly, there are days that I seriously contemplate the alternative photographic printing processes : cyanotype, salt print etc. btw,  is a gelatin silver printing an old method nowadays?);
– a studio flash set (probably just a quick orientation at the fair – as there is no rush for a new set);
– a zoom lens.  It would be my very first zoom lens ever **. (I have been postponing buying a digital zoom lens as I find them so huge and heavy compared to my favorite small prime 50 mm).

Photograph by Julia Margaret Cameron | 1867 | Sir John Herschel, an English mathematician, astronomer, chemist, and experimental photographer/inventor cyanotype process (when the word digital did not exist and things were chemical and mechanical)

I do hope however that i will not be too distracted by for instance photo books or the supporting programmes.

On the supporting programmed list I saw “web-to-print”. Unfortunately I will miss this Thursday workshop as I am visiting on the Friday. But I could have a look at the forum “Digital storage – film-based archiving”.

* example : “10-bit Look-Up Table (LUT), to produce a monitor gamma value of 2.2. Should the user prefer a different value, the LUT can be used to calculate for values ranging from 1.8 (the standard for the printing industry) up to 2.6”.
I doubt if I will ever be able to find the need for different values. And if i am/do, i would probably get lost in trans-calculations.

** or perhaps …