Photographer Computers Hardware and Software Needs

Today I read about Apples sales forecast cut and thought to myself : ‘see here, quite in line with how I currently feel about Apple’. Yes, after a lifetime working with OSX, I recently purchased an affordable -and hopefully solid and sustainable- machine that runs Windows 10. This is due to negative upgrading experiences (smartphone and laptop), expensive repairs and heavy time investments to fix the problems with my expensive MacBook Pro.

Although it took me time and energy to figure out the new laptop, I am getting used to working with it. I intend to use it mainly for tethered Lr on-location photography. (The MacBook is now permanently based in my Studio and will not travel anymore. ) I continue to do my photo post editing on my other Mac.

I want to get fully literate on the 2 operating systems and intend to looking into Adobe software alternatives as well. Unfortunately this another company I am not happy with anymore.

And to whom it may concern : format your *new* external hard drives to ExFAT! I give you this tip so you might save yourself lots of time and frustration and not come to the point of incompatibility issues as I have…… Only ExFAT can do MacOS and Windows.

Update 20201119 : Apple to pay $113m to settle iPhone ‘batterygate’
Voila! Consumers being exploited!