Photography and consumerism

Gosh, might he be right and would this work?

Can we use photos to save space and money (and have more peace of mind)?

Dutch -used-to-be photographer Aarsman finds out that a photo can be a good substitute/reminder of a superfluous object and that photographing objects helped him to reflect and to slim down his consumerism. Hence the exposition “Photography against consumerism” : we should consider our compulsion to own, keep and collect.

NRC | Liever een foto van een espresso-apparaat dan een kopje koffie / Rather a photo of an espresso machine than an espresso.

„Het is makkelijker om dingen weg te gooien als je er een foto van hebt gemaakt.”

“It is easier to give away/throw away stuff if you have made a picture of it”

“Door de gewilde artikelen te fotograferen neemt de consumptiedrift af, aldus Aarsman. „Om dit te stimuleren vraag ik bezoekers hun foto’s van gewilde objecten op de muren bij te plakken.”

“By phtotographing desired objects/consumer goods, consumerism slims down, according to Aarsman. To stimulate this I ask visitors to contribute to the display”.
The photographers gallery.

I need to get rid of my unnecessary knick knacks and stuff that I no longer use to have more zen in the house. (Some objects are only collecting dust and indeed becoming a burden). Probably/hopefully an after-the-holidays-project for me. But, I don’t think that I will need to photograph my redundant stuff and end up saving stacks of photos or photo files with the burden of tagging and preserving them ;-)). And I don’t think that photographing a new Macbook or Hasselblad makes it less desirable. Probably the opposite, the more I see/photograph it, the more I want it. But luckily I do think twice before buying. Yes, I am getting older…

So, I doubt that I will consume less if I start with photographing the things that I really want/need. Serious reflection on the necessity should be enough for me. But I can agree with Aarsman message : „weg met die ballast, bezit moet je kritisch beschouwen.” / “Get rid of ballast, be critical of your possessions”.

And now I would like a real espresso…