Season’s greetings

Made on a freeeeezing but fine day with my classic Rolleiflex 2.8A

I guess this is one of few camera’s that continue to function in extreme weather conditions… Yes, I love my Rolleiflex. It’s so beautiful in it’s leather ‘jacket’. Pure mechanical, so no non-sense and sophisticated : fine optics and square film format.


Best wishes for 2008. Health, happiness and high quality photographs.

About Rolleiflex and portraits

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2 thoughts on “Season’s greetings”

  1. Hej Vitaly, I really need to check out for myself how a Rolleiflex is functioning in hot weather!! I just can not take your word for it ;-). High time I stop day dreaming about photo treks in the South but actually do some proper planning to travel to Africa for my next winter holiday. But, in 2 days I am travelling up north again, to the cold and dark. But if lucky also some days with wonderful crisp winter days and magic northern day light. Yes, taking my Rolleiflex with me. Let us compare notes and photos after the holiday season. Looking forward to that. Congrats with your Rollei. Enjoy!

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