Some reflections and an attempt to redefine the (my own) essence of photography

Thinking out loud

Photography is

– a medium to document and a means to express yourself

– high and low culture (with disappearing boundaries)

– the sum of all photography made and created by all photographers

– analogue devices, discontinued products and dying artisan techniques (mine get rusty; i’m losing it) vs digital hardware and software : without boundaries and turning photography into mass imagery (yes?!)

– business : hardware and software industry, galleries, consultants, experts and dealers  and of course stock + micro stock photo industry

– explosion of commercial photo awards; publicity and marketing for companies/photo industry

somewhere in between are the museums : but where, and what is their role? = debated in The Netherlands currently (issue vernacular photography). Also, what is (photo) art? I can’t find boundaries anymore between original art, as in intended purpose, and as in the “new found photo art” like archival/historic photographs and due to the collecting photography hype the newly re-discovered and re-labeled fashion photo art, originally made as/intended as fashion photography… or photos made from celebrities and/or by celebrities. It’s all so diluted these days. And I see so many “low price art for everyone” offers these days… and fashion and documentary photos presented as art… (photography, a medium to reproduce, vs limited photo prints…).

– digital photography is creating “authenticity issues”  and fashion photography and beauty ideas create twisted views on reality (see post beauty industry and” | the need to indicate manipulated (“retouched”) photos)

– professional photographers and photojournalists are struggling to survive because of citizen journalists and media industry working with amateur photographers, partly due to financial crisis

– copyright issues and creative commons. Photo rights grabs / reproduction fees

– online disclosure of archives (a good thing)

-> Photography is dead, long live photography and “imagemakery” ( imaging and illustrations)

n.b. the money and time I need to spend on digital upgrades, updates, back-ups, books/tutorials, accessoiries, storing / archiving….