Street – part 3

I’ve selected some weekend reading, listening and viewing. From fine art and rock to street photography.

The Getty | August Sander : People of the Twentieth Century

The New York Times | Sony Taps Into Photo Archive as a Resource During Hard Times

“Last year the company started Icon Collectibles, a boutique business that sells art-quality reproductions of these photos online, for prices from $300 to $1,700, and through various partners (including the News Services Division of The New York Times). Now it is expected to announce Thursday that it has made a deal to sell its photos through the Morrison Hotel Gallery, which specializes in rock imagery.

Rock imagery ?

hmm, I thought that my photos from rock carvings and the granit(e) coastline were called rock images…

Reuters | News | Pictures : strange and unusual

En voor de nederlandstaligen heb ik deze : 29 mei | de Journalist : Hollandse Hoogte gedaagd om ‘hardloopfoto’

The latter an interesting article about a law suit in NL concerning portrait right and street photography, with many reactions. One of the comments included this :

Joel Meyerowitz | On Street Photography


Have a look… I can admit that this is not how I made my photographs in the street. See my street photos on my Flickr account.

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