Studio Lighting | light technique

As I am setting up a photo/video studio in a corporate office (the attic), I thought I should compile and share some basic information as quick reference/toolkit for myself and maybe some fellow studio user, the “corporate videographer” and others that take an interest. | Why go into the studio? | Continuous lights

Working with equipment, model and light | Workshop by Ken Henderson, videos :

Part One : explaining high, mid, low key

Part Two : explaining (flash) umbrella’s, background and camera angle

Part Three : explaining the soft box, the importance of the eyes and skin tone readings

Part Four : explaining back grounds, gels, effect lights, ‘French flag’,

Part Five : explaining skin highlights and catch lights in the eyes and basic accessories

Part Six : slide show/explaining his portraits and technique

Part Seven : light meting head light and back ground light

Part Eight : light height, mood, expression, smile

In my own studio I work with Profoto. Good video’s are availabe here).