Swedish happenings 24 April – 2 May 2009

10 days in Sweden. Always very enjoyable in spring and summer time.

24/4  Nils och Lisbeth
25/4  Palm Huset visit and Chalmers’ Tjingeling party
30/ 4  Valborg in Gothenburg – see my photo on TwitPic and Chalmers-Cortègen Committe (C.C.C.)  100 years anniversary with the “ccc kadaver”
1/5  Tomas och Lena, Karin, Erik
2/5 Nordic Oyster Opening Competition 2009 at TanumStrand, Grebbestad

No visit to Hasselblad Center due to time constraints.

An unplanned visit to an Oyster championship.  On our way for groceries, a spontaneous stop turned into my first Oyster Championship visit ever. Luckily I had my camera with me…

You know what, it was fun, as it was small scale with 16 competitors at a pleasant venue and in good atmosphere. Well organised (with a hunch of ambition) yet not formal, strict / restricted and thus what it should be : a fun event, a competition with lots of laughter too. All participants, spectators, judges, presenters, photographers, could move in a relaxed way.  There were three competitions :  local, between countries (Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden) and for the grand titel.

Of course we ate oysters that day. They were for sale at a fair price. And at the end of the competition the winner opened the remaining shells and treated the public to oysters. Brilliant.
















Winner 2008 and winner 2009 : Johan Malm

Read more, in Swedish : GP Sverige | Han vann NM i ostronöppning, Ostron Akademien |nordiska masterskapen, Tanum Hamn & Turism | Mästerskapen i ostronöppning lyckligen genomförda

Photo “publik” : you might spot me on the first row at the end…

One footnote : during the break, before the finals, there was a presentation about an ambitious big marina/beach-boulevard project for Grebbestad and its “progress”. Sorry, but you should not do it. You would spoil the quiet nice and natural charm that non-Swedish (and Swedish) enjoy so much.  Since 1996 I saw so many project developments realised and changes at the west coast and no, not all for the better…

Judith den Hollander – fotografie | Fotoreportage

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