Swedish happenings 24 April – 3 May 2009

Recently I spent some time in Sweden again. Sweden is great in the spring and summer time. I love it.


24/4 Nils och Lisbet

25/4 Chalmers Tjingeling ccc

30/4 Valborg – Gothenburg

2/5 Nordic championship Oyster opening  – Tanumstrand, Grebbestad (GP Sverige |Han vann NM i ostronöppning – http://www.ostr onakademien.se/download/nordiskamasterskapen2009.pdf)

I must admit, it was my very first time that I had witnessed such a championship. (Netherlands   It was a small scale championship with 15 competitors at a pleasant venue. Nothing very fancy and strict or formal, yet competitive and in a nice ‘ambitious’ setting. With presentor and all. Very enjoyable for all that were there and all those participating it seemed. Of course we also ate oysters. They were for sale at a reasonable price.  At the end of the competition the winner even opened remaining oysters and treated the public with free oysters. Brilliant.