To be continued … elsewhere is to be archived.

Updated 11.03.2009

You must have noticed the evolution by now :  I’m also effected / overwhelmed by all the new social-media / web 2.0 tools that take up so much time….

Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Facebook to name a few. Yet, there is only so much time that one can put into this. I do have my work and photography projects and am keen to spend time off line as well.

Yes, I learned about the blog world and works out there (wonderful and fascinating) and I was keen to start my own blogs and to subscribe to some quality blog feeds. I learned to blog. So far so good.  But then came micro-blogging and other networking tools. More tech and news coming my way.  Help, how to keep up with all? Indeed : choices and focus is the only answer!

I am learning to be very very selective. And now I have decided to stop with the “general items” blog, i.e. no more posts and maintenance here, except “Resources | Writing“. So this blog with resources will stay in the air. You will find interesting, informative posts on various topics if you browse the categories.

I will be around and sharing, though reading more and blogging less.  You can find me on : = a topical blog, or rather personal online notepad, on photo collections (archived) (archived)

See you around somewhere. Keep well and active.

Milestone : one year of blogging

Things that spontaneously pop to mind :

  • it takes time !
  • it’s fun
  • it improves my writing skills (striving to be coherent)
  • it improves my English (Dutch is my mother tongue)
  • it connects me with peers
  • i learn to network through social networks (but the learning is not always intuitive and it is time consuming – need to set limits)
  • i learn about web 2.0 tools, widgets, statistics etc. etc.
  • i get flattered by a referral
  • i love linking things together (but shouldn’t be overdoing this)
  • i read other opinions, tips, resources
  • i see other blogs and sites and get inspired by the very creative and innovative ones (so many great ones out there)
  • i’m learning to filter the quality info from the quantity
  • it’s a continuous learning curve and magical discovery tour
  • but, will i manage to maintain the blog ?

Here’s to bloggers – thank you for sharing !

Attempt to define standards on news quoting in blogs

Fellow-bloggers, for your information. It seems that AP wants to guide (read restrict) bloggers from using the agency’s content.

The New York Times | The Associated Press to Set Guidelines for Using Its Articles in Blogs

“Fair use has become an essential concept to many bloggers, who often quote portions of articles before discussing them. The A.P., a cooperative owned by 1,500 daily newspapers, including The New York Times, provides written articles and broadcast material to thousands of news organizations and Web sites that pay to use them.

Last week, The A.P. took an unusually strict position against quotation of its work, sending a letter to the Drudge Retort asking it to remove seven items that contained quotations from A.P. articles ranging from 39 to 79 words”.

Oeps, this quote approx. 90 words! I might be in the danger zone here…

U.S. Copyright | fair use

(added 10.09.2008)
Fair Use of Photography On A Blog

Blogging on fine art and documentary photography

RE : my photography blog on fine art and documentary photography


  • to you out there who might follow (some of) my posts
  • to you who finds my blog thru “search engines and keywords”
  • to you who “hits” my postings that are tagged with keywords and that are being replicated -somewhat mysteriously- in all kinds of “systems”.

I’ve set-up this blog about one month ago. 20 August to be precise. And my first post was a portrait of my grand mother. I had no specific concept for this blog/no specific goal how to go about with it. Only that it should be focused on fine art and documentary photograph. Also I had no experience with blogging : as in online diary. And I guess that this shows in the output on this blog. It’s a mixture of news, facts and some personal thoughts and posting of photos.

Although I became intriged by the phenomenon blog stats : referrers, top posts, search engine terms and clicks, I’m posting to communicate. I’m now reflecting how and if to continue. Maybe I need to focus more? Maybe I need to put in more personal thoughts?

Can someone out there tell me what the number 1,559 hits (period 20/8-27/9) means? Should I not look at stats? Are you a returning visitor, interested in what I say or interested in what I am sharing? Are you interested in fine art (film) photography and documentary photography?

I guess I want to hear (more) from you. Share some more and make this a more personal thing : a shared passion/a photography blog of peers and friends.