Any new values (guidelines and ethics) upcoming?

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(Interesting, I just found this blog.  Includes posts on photo manipulation…)

09.10.2009 : The discussion has now really started….

“Ultra-thin Ralph Lauren model sparks outrage”

The most nauseatingly tasteless fashion pictures ever?

The title of the post is from last year but there was no need to change it for this updated post.

Below articles of yet another tasteless fashion shoot. Poor people modeling with an expensive umbrella and a 10.000 dollar handbag… I find this one worse than the previous one.

Vogue’s Fashion Photos Spark Debate in India | The New York Times, 31 August 2008

Is this the most tasteless fashion shoot ever? | The Guardian, 4 September 2008

27 September 2007

The most nauseatingly tasteless fashion pictures ever or a sincere protest?

Article in The Guardian : A tasteless line in battledress from Vogue
The photo shoot : State of emergency

(I noticed today, 21 October 2007, that Vogue reused the state of emergency link for another photoshoot. In other words the state of emercy photos are no longer online…)

Dutch article in NRC : Deze Irakfoto kan niet. Of kan hij juist wel?