Nan Goldin in De Hallen in Haarlem : 15.03-08.06.08


A must see for me.


Multimedia presentation ‘Capturing Couture’ | The New York Times

The New York Times | Photo’s (slideshow) from the Devils playground

Dit lijkt me ook interessant werk : “Vijf portretten is een presentatie van audiovisueel werk uit de collectie van het museum. Van vijf kunstenaars wordt werk getoond dat de grenzen tussen portret en documentaire verkent; Joost Conijn, Tracey Emin, Arnoud Holleman, Pablo Pijnappel en Julika Rudelius. De tentoonstelling brengt een aantal verschillende artistieke posities bij elkaar die thema’s als de menselijke habitat en sociale en culturele identiteit behandelen”.

Copyright and appropriation art

Re : my post of 9 December.

I received a comment/suggestion to visit a website to find some answers on these topics. Thanks for this. Also quite timely, as I’ve registered for a seminar on copyright in The Netherlands which will take place on 31 January.

It is interesting to read that “Copyright duration is now 50 years after the death of the author in Canada, 95 years in the U.S.”

In NL the duration is 70 years…

Some interesting reading on

The topic we will discuss in Amsterdam : rights of third parties. Examples in invitation :’Using Rayban sunglasses without permission of Rayban in a commercial could you give a lot a trouble’… ‘How about citing a photograph of Annie Leibovitz and photographing someone in a bathtub with milk’?

Nan Goldin

Good news for the Hasselblad award winner 2007. Her seized photo Klara and Edda belly-dancing ( | see my post of 29 September) is not indecent, says the Crown Prosecution Service.

This probably means that I can get to see the photo myself, as my yearly visit to the Hasselblad Center is due next month…*

The awarding of the Hasselblad prize to Nan Goldin took place at Göteborg City Theatre on November 10, 2007. The Award Winner’s exhibition opened at Hasselblad Center in conjunction with the ceremony and will continue until January 13, 2008. | Video and snapshots from the Award Ceremony.

Additional reading :

Reaching the parts other photographers won’t touch (TimesOnline 30 September)

Kunstbus artikel over Nan Goldin

Wikipedia : snapshot aesthetic

* I was very impressed with Nan Goldin’s work and spent quite some time in the Hasselblad center. (But did not see Klara and Edda belly-dancing as it was not part of the exhibition).

Here’s what the Hasselblad Center published, in Swedish :


Sold ! For ….

Indeed, $ 1,105,000 for a photograph. “The record-setting print of “Nautilus” was signed and dated by Edward Weston in 1927 and is among the earliest prints of this famous image. It was part of a series of shell photographs Weston made while experimenting with lighting and composition. A Sotheby’s catalogue note calls it, “One of the most recognizable photographs ever made.”

I do love the Nautilus photograph :

(I don’t mind signing my photographs and assigning a date…. Anybody, opening bid for an original 1 : 1 silver gelatin print by Judith den Hollander?)

Edward Steichen – retrospective

Steichen was a master photographer, a fine art and documentary photographer. Last year a fortune was paid for his Pond-Moonlight photo. Edward Steichen also worked on “The Family of Man” (a link on my page documentary photography). Check out his work and the retrospective.

Edward Steichen – The Pond – Moonlight, 1904 – Hammer Price with Buyer’s Premium: 2,928,000 USD

The New York Times article : Steichen reconsidered in all his exposures

Steichen, une épopée photographique – du 09 octobre au 30 décembre 2007

Cette exposition est la première rétrospective en Europe de l’œuvre d’Edward Steichen, organisée à partir de 450 photographies d’époque (vintages) et divers documents. Plus d’info jeudepaume…

Jeu de Paume info in English

Wikipedia page on Steichen