To be continued … elsewhere is to be archived.

Updated 11.03.2009

You must have noticed the evolution by now :  I’m also effected / overwhelmed by all the new social-media / web 2.0 tools that take up so much time….

Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Facebook to name a few. Yet, there is only so much time that one can put into this. I do have my work and photography projects and am keen to spend time off line as well.

Yes, I learned about the blog world and works out there (wonderful and fascinating) and I was keen to start my own blogs and to subscribe to some quality blog feeds. I learned to blog. So far so good.  But then came micro-blogging and other networking tools. More tech and news coming my way.  Help, how to keep up with all? Indeed : choices and focus is the only answer!

I am learning to be very very selective. And now I have decided to stop with the “general items” blog, i.e. no more posts and maintenance here, except “Resources | Writing“. So this blog with resources will stay in the air. You will find interesting, informative posts on various topics if you browse the categories.

I will be around and sharing, though reading more and blogging less.  You can find me on : = a topical blog, or rather personal online notepad, on photo collections (archived) (archived)

See you around somewhere. Keep well and active.