Vintage living 2015

Vintage living - part of Vintage Serie

Vintage living, part of Vintage Serie.

This (2015) summer 3 essential things came together for my new personal work : idea, opportunity and energy.
I had few challenges as I did all by myself, including modelling. Although the styling is not perfect, I do love the result. I truly enjoy working on my VINTAGE SERIE and still have plenty of ideas to visualise.

Vintage : “of high ​quality and ​lasting ​value, or ​showing the ​best and most ​typical ​characteristics of a ​particular ​type of thing, ​especially from the past”.

Vintage versus retro : “the best way to think about the difference between retro and vintage is that vintage refers to construction, while retro refers to appearance. This is why a vintage item will always be retro, but a retro item is not always vintage. For practical reasons, people sometimes prefer to use retro only to describe new items, as this prevents confusion between the two terms. Even so, this is not a solid rule, and not everyone abides by this separation”.