Wanddeco test


Saal-digital.nl provided me the kind opportunity to test one of their wall decors and gave me a voucher to redeem for a product of my own choice.

After downloading the Saal software, which was a simple and quick process, it took me some time to choose between prints as Saal offers a variety : Alu-Dibond, Acrylglas, Alu-Dibond Butlerfinish, Hardschuimplaat, GalleryPrint and FotoCanvas.

I decided on a GalleryPrint, size 30×40, glossy finish, without wall mount.
The ordering went well. Payment gateways are PayPal and Creditcard. The populair Dutch iDEAL is not supported. (I hope this service can be added.)

The Saal Production, Delivery time and their Packaging is good. The print colours match my photo : excellent.

However I am less content with the sticker and print surface finish. They do not score well. I was not able to remove the sticker from the print (in the left corner below) without leaving scratches on the surface. And when examining the print close to the window, I noticed other imperfections on the surface and even few scratches on top not caused by me. Some sort of wax or glue spots and air bubbles under the coating??
Maybe the glossy finish is too sensitive… Although the imperfections are not visible when viewing at a distance, this print/finishing surface quality did not meet my expectations.

Yet I trust to find another print quality at Saal that does suit me. I am happy with their customer support and the service to professionals.
including icc profiles.

p.s. the Saal-Digital Photobook that I recently ordered is of high quality. I can recommend it!