Web shop misery : shame on FotoSG



Update 17 May 2009

In my rush and confusion to respond to the unprofessional (sneaky) manners of FotoSG, I forgot to check their website for the price of the remote control. Here’s my search result on Sunday 17 May 2009 :

Picture 64 screenshot 17.05.09

So “the offer” that was made on 12 May (see below) is in retrospect another disgrace!  The standard price is euro 149 but they offered me the special price of euro 169, after mentioning that the recommended sales price is euro 206. Unbelievable….


FotoSG web shop in The Netherlands has in its banner the tagline : “a professional choice”. I say the tagline “a professional MISTAKE” is more appropriate.

Here’s why I come to this conclusion.

On 30 March 2009 I ordered studio equipment, a flash unit  Profoto D1 air and a studio kit, according to the specs on the website/webpage of FotoSG. Some correspondence follows as I have questions about a beauty disk, a sync cable etc.). FotoSG tells me that I do not need a sync cable as I have the air head.  Indeed according to their webpage my order contains D1 air plus remote. (I pay extra for the “air” version in order to work without cable. But I questioned the sync cable as I think I should have one as “emergency back up”).

When my order is delivered, I see all articles except the trigger.

I check the webpage and write to them. Please send me the missing remote.

They responded, but only AFTER changing their webpage. They had removed the “double case” and the “Profoto Air remote control”.  In their response not one word is mentioned about the page update. Their silence about correcting a mistake is awkward and unprofessional.  They simply email me a short message (with the silly undertone “we do not know what you are talking about….”) that I had not ordered the remote. Well, with this they surely triggered me…

Of course nasty correspondence and telephone calls followed.  The person that called me refused to say in which capacity he is working for FotoSG. (Indeed, this is not a good start for an open constructive communication).  It is an awkward conversation. No excuse, nothing. In the end he offered me a “discount” on the remote. A day later I find out that the discount is only marginal ONE EURO to 25, compared to other webshops.  FotoSG remains in denial, hides behind / points out their disclamer : “type fouten voorbehouden”…

I say NO to FotoSG. This is highly unfair and upsetting.  If you want professionals to buy from you, you have to act as a professional too!  I find your response, communication and solution “ver onder de maat” / far below professional standard.

I filed a written complaint (attn of the director) but got only a telephone call in which the same man kept on repeating that he had delivered what I had ordered. I hung up, saying I heard enough and that I wanted a reply in writing.  Of course no email or letter from FotoSG received!

But then again,  FotoSG would probably put a disclaimer in their letters too with regard to typo’s =>read content. Because yesterday  I noticed and realised that everything on their website falls under a disclaimer*

FotoSG is denying responsibility for prices, typing errors and images on their website. So, what are they responsible for?

Picture 16 screenshot 14.05.2009

What a pain, the mistake I made by ordering at FotoSG. Photographers we should ban companies that treat us with such disrespect.

*a disclaimer is a statement denying responsibility intended to prevent civil liability arising for particular acts or omissions. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disclaimer)