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Interesting article about the delusional arrogance of some art students in ‘School of Saatchi’  and a bit more

The problem for art colleges is that genuine talent is very, very rare. And while some students accept that they’ll never be the next Francis Bacon, the majority – blindly encouraged by their tutors, despite their complete lack of talent – genuinely believe they have what it takes.

Read the full article in Telegraph | Art? Even Tracey Emin said it was rubbish | by Christian Adams

….. Because they say so ? …..

….. Because we say so ? …..

Luckily there’s still talent out there and ART that inspires people. This week I could watch a TV programme from the BBC  with the title “Imagine”. It was a true pleasure to watch one of the arts series presented by Alan Yentob. The episode I  saw : “A look at an Arts Council scheme that enables people from any walk of life to buy artwork”.  In this serie we saw people buying art at a gallery and eventually we saw two art lovers commissioning a work. I thought their commissioned art work turned out fabulous for both parties (no, a success is not always the result – commissioned art can be difficult*) …..

There is a new breed of art collector on the block. No longer do you need to be fabulously wealthy to afford a Blake, a Banksy or a Hockney over your fireplace. Imagine meets a variety of people who are part of a small revolution in the art world. A factory worker, a pig farmer and a policeman are just some of those whose lives have been changed by an Arts Council scheme called Own Art, which has enabled them to take out an interest free loan to buy contemporary artwork. Broadcast on:BBC One, 11:05pm Tuesday 1st December 2009 Duration:55 minutes Available until:11:24pm Tuesday 29th December 2009 Categories: Factual, Arts, Culture & the Media.

The Own Art scheme is designed to make it easy and affordable for everyone to buy contemporary works of art and craft including paintings, photography, sculpture, glassware and furniture.

Imaging and Own Art scheme, see more

What is art?   “Art is what you can get away with” – Andy Warhol .  This still remains my favorite art quote (see my fine art page)

* ArtLawBlog | Commission Without a Contract: What Now?