WP update – plugin problem

Just solved a login issue that occurred after upgrading to WP 4.7 “Vaughan”.

For the first time I was locked out of my site and I read ‘wp-admin/upgrade.php?_wp_http_referer=%2Fwp-admin%2F’ in the browser. A loop prevented me from logging in.

Replacing my wp-admin and wp-include folder with a fresh copy via FTP did not help. Deactivating the plugins via phpMyAdmin did not help, nor did importing my back-up database via phpMyAdmin.

After spending time and reading about similar issues and Cache plugin problems, I deleted the conflicting plugin on the server. My problem was solved luckily.

My lesson relearned and shared : Plugins can be useful but they can generate issues as well. Restrict yourself. That’s why I have a minimum of plugins -minus yet another one- active. WP users be aware, only use strictly-must-have-plugins. And please deactivate your plugins before you upgrade. I probably had the loop problem because I did not follow the proper updating steps. (But I did make a back-up. That essential step I never (!) skip).

The proper update steps are :

  1. back up database
  2. back up all WordPress files
  3. verify the backups
  4. deactivate all plugins
  5. ensure the 4 steps are completed
  6. download and extract the new package
  7. delete some old WordPress files (Oeps, I never did that….)   

Source, read more : https://codex.wordpress.org/Upgrading_WordPress_-_Extended_Instructions

Hey, WordPress maybe you should extend your default warning to back-up before upgrading with a warning to deactivate plugins.

When visited the WordPress website for support and forums, I also clicked the Themes tab and saw that the new Twenty Seventeen Theme is available for download. https://wordpress.org/themes/twentyseventeen/
I am keen to check it out and work with it in 2017. In January I will also evaluate my remaining active plugins and look into website speed optimisation.

Yes, it is hitting me, the new year is sneaking up upon us rather fast now…

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