WPP : Can photographs change the world?

updated 19 May 2008

Interviews with the winners : the story behind the photographs

“Can photographs change the world? Not many pictures even provide definitive answers to our questions about the world. Photography is too often a simple channel for information and the four basic “W’s” of the picture caption are the cornerstone of photojournalism: Who, What,
Where and When. But to this the ambitious photojournalist can hope to add the fifth element, Why.

The jury of the 2008 World Press Photo competition put special emphasis on this last component and in their judgement the very best of last year’s photojournalism went beyond giving us plain facts or of attempting simplistic answers.”

Read more, see the full speech by Pieter Broertjes, chairman of the Board World Press Photo

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“In one click of a photographer’s shutter,” writes Mazur, “the anti-busing claim that the movement was not driven by racism and that protestors were patriotic defenders against tyranny, came undone”

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