About Judith den Hollander. Born and raised in Haarlem. Lives and works in The Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden. Loves Art, Nature, Animals and People that care. Education: 1999-2000 Fotovakschool (Photography, fundamentals), 2000-2007 – Stedelijke Academie Schone Kunsten (Fine Art photography degree), 2008 Managing photo collections, 2009 Collecting photographs, 2013-2017 Vakopleiding Fotografie – Syntra (Portrait, Product/Commercial, Architecture/Interior, Landscape/Nature, Autonomous project, Documentary and Industrial/Corporate photography). 2016 Portrait and location lighting, 2017 High-end Retouching, 2018 Fine art Printing and currently Photoshop Mastery. She is a member of Dutch Photographers (DuPho).

Met 2 opleidingen en zelfstudies heb ik mij breed verdiept in de fotografie. Van fine art fotografie, analoge techniek, oude print procédés, ambachtelijke bariet- en kleurafdrukken, fotocollectie beheer, fotokunst verzamelen tot digitale vakfotografie in de disciplines Product/Publiciteit, Architectuur/Interieur, Landschap/Natuur, Autonoom project, Sociale reportage, Bedrijfsmatige fotografie en Portret. Vervolgens Portret en locatie belichting, high-end Retouching, Fine art Printing en momenteel Photoshop gevorderd. Alle soorten licht en schaduw fascineren en inspireren mij. Dat ik mensen mag portretteren blijft keer op keer boeiend. Samen fotografie beleven en eigenheid en zelfexpressie vormgeven in een portret daar ligt mijn hart. 

Zelfportret | (10 sec self-timer)
Zelfportret | (10 sec self-timer)

I am a Media, Communication and Information professional as well as an experienced photographer, specialised in on-location and in-studio portraiture. I studied -analogue- photography at Fotovakschool, Photo art at the Academy of Fine Arts (photo art degree – laureate 2007) and commercial, digital photography at Syntra. My main photography interest and expertise is in portraiture. 

1 day a week I help small businesses and creatives with online content creation and presentation on their WordPress websites. I customise WordPress Themes and write SEO copy. After many years of providing full time online media services, I scaled down my webdesign and scaled up my photography. Because I love to photograph people and want to show and celebrate their beauty, strength and uniqueness, also in an extraordinary setting and style. Of course I’m keen to combine website enhancement with good website images and a simple short video clip.

I aim to deliver high quality work, tribute to critical awareness to photography and share the love for photography. I am committed to providing photographs that are cherished, worth printing and displaying.

Mission and vision | Werkwijze en diensten

Judith den Hollander – fotografie | Portretten (People and portraits)

Judith den Hollander – fotografie | Persoonlijk werk (Autonomous and art projects)