PhD Promotion Reception Maastricht University

PhD Defence and PhD Promotion Reception (Indoors)

PhD Promotie Fotografie | PhD photography : before, during and after your Defence at Maastricht University.
1/ Sweat Room signature
2/ Thesis Public Defence in Auditorium
3/ Group photos
4/ Reception photos
5/ Your shotlist photos

See more and an outdoors reception

Your MU promotion photography is tailor-made, according to your whishes and budget.

With or without a professional photo book.

With or without special photo editing.

Core PhD photography covers the defence ceremony, the signature on the wall in the Sweat Room (Wall of Fame) and group photos, with the Doctoral Examination Board, Beadle, Paranymphs and the partner of the graduate.
Additional photography : your reception and/or dinner.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact Studio JDH.

Contact PhD promotiefotograaf Maastricht | Judith den Hollander