PhD Defence Photography Maastricht University, Professionele Promotie Fotografie

A recent promotion at Maastricht University, a new Doctor (Photo book spreads). Photography and Photo book by Judith den Hollander.

Yes, the date has been set and you are cordially invited to attend : the public defence of my dissertation at Maastricht University.”

Congratulations! How exciting. After years of research your ceremonial PhD Defence is about to take place. A festive day that deserves to be documented.
I am an experienced photographer at your service, happy to capture specials moments for you. And yes, I would love to compliment an assignment with a great tailor made photo book. Doctor, re-live your great achievement with good imagery, that can be shared and cherished over and over again.

Although there is no ‘standard photography package’, PhD photography is usually about the defence ceremony, the signature on the wall in the Sweat Room, a group photo with the Doctoral Examination Board, Beadle, Paranymphs and the Doctor’s partner. Optional with additional photos of the reception and/or dinner.

My pricing and deliveries are aligned with what is commonly offered and ordered in The Netherlands. However, we can of course add extra’s to lift it up and make it stand out, with a special fine art portrait and group photos perhaps?

Interested in discussing possibilities? Please call +31650270712. Thanks.

De Promovenduskamer / De Zweetkamer, de handtekening, de traditie. | Promotiefotografie UM | PhD Defence Photography Maastricht University

    The public defence is concluded. The committee is deliberating. All are waiting for the verdict.
    A doctoral diploma, signed by the chair and the doctoral thesis supervisor(s) and co-supervisor(s) and a laudatio complete the ceremony.

    PhD Promotion Reception (indoors)

    PhD Photo Book

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