Birds nest

Vogelnest in de werkplaats | Fotografie Judith den Hollander.
Vogelnest in de werkplaats | Birds nest in the workshop.
Paar dagen oude vogeltjes in het nest | Baby birds in their nest 2018 | Fotograaf Judith den Hollander.

Birds, they were here again. But built their nest in a quiet part of the workshop. High up, making it very difficult for me to photograph them and for the cat to seize them.

I counted 6 babies on 15th May. 3 days ago they all left the nest. Hopefully they are well and enjoying life outside with their parents.

p.s. dat zulke kleine beestjes zoveel geluid kunnen maken… de harde roep om eten!

20180522 . Already that ‘big’ after 1 week and out of their nest. About to fly away…

Vogelnest 2016

Birds nest 2017 | Over een vogelnest in een leeg verfblik.

2019 Zaluwnest met 3 jongen in Denemarken