Contemporary fine art prints

Contemporary fine art prints – Peter Beard

When I viewed Sotheby’s photographs auction results, I noticed the interest for  prints of Peter Beard. Indeed his work is special. I do not know other work that can be described as silver gelatin print with ink and/or clippings, drawings and/or animal blood.
I am quite drawn to his photos from the sixties.

Visionary artist and photographer, world traveler and explorer, champion of wildlife conservation and brilliant society character, Peter Beard is impossible to fit into an easy category. His life experiences are recorded and interpreted through photographs embellished with drawings, stories, newspaper clippings, and animal blood. Peter Beard’s photographs become objects which transport the viewer through time, objects with a presence both instantaneous and everlasting.

Since 1961, when he graduated from Yale and settled in Kenya on land adjoining the farm of Karen Blixen (Isak Dinesen, author of Out of Africa), Peter Beard’s life and career has been inexorably tied to the African continent and its wildlife. While elephants, leopards, and crocodiles are still important elements in Beard’s diaries and collages, they are by no means the only ones: Fifty Years of Portraits features work in which family members, celebrities, fashion models and fellow artists figure prominently in Beard’s unique visual vocabulary”.