Tussen Kunst en Kiek

Tussen Kunst en Kiek en alles wat daar tussen zit, ziet u het verschil?

Portret met kleur en karakter | Portret van een vrouw tegen een grijze achtergrond | fine art fotografie Studio JDH Haarlem.

Dit is een kleurrijke artieste gefotografeerd tegen een grijze achtergrond. Hier zit een visie achter, er zijn bewuste keuzes gemaakt. Het licht creëerde ik en plaatste het zodanig dat de huid en kleuren op zijn mooist zijn.

Bouwunie fotoshoot Domein Bokrijk.

En dit is een snel kiekje van 3 personen in een kleurrijke omgeving, gemaakt met bestaand licht.

De set goed uitgelicht, geeft een heel ander beeldresultaat.

De kunst van het licht, visie, kennis/vakmanschap en de uitvoering. Daar draait het om bij fotografie.

En soms ook de kunst van het verhaal en de emotie….

Een kunstig kiekje : ‘the making of’. Fotosessie bij de klant in huis, een letterlijk kijkje in de keuken waar de studio werd gecreëerd. Ook van waarde voor de klant. Een leuke herinnering aan het moment en de beleving van een fotograaf in huis.

Fotografie = Schrijven met licht! Fotografie = Creëren en een visie verbeelden, werken met licht én schaduw.

Daglicht verhaal.


Art – Travail en cours

Work in progress | Werk in uitvoering | Art – Travail en cours | Kunst – Beeldhouwers aan het werk in Barvaux s/O

Symposium international de sculpture monumentale sur pierre. Thème 2015 : la musique, langue des émotions.



De kleine werken zijn te bewonderen tot 15 juni.  ‘Louise Gallery’ in Durbuy www.louisegallery.be  –  “Exposition des œuvres des artistes participant au symposium ainsi que de celle des artistes qui parrainent l’évènement”.



Judith den Hollander – fotografie | Fotoreportages

Google Art Project

WOH! Includes Dutch art as well : http://www.googleartproject.com/

We are able to zoom in on the finest details.

What kind of camera was used here? Ah the street view camera.

OMG, an image that is over one gigapixel…

Google Art Project is an online compilation of high-resolution images of artworks from galleries worldwide, as well as a virtual tour of the galleries in which they are housed. The project was launched on 1 February 2011 by Google, and includes works in the Tate Gallery, London; the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City; and the Uffizi, Florence.

The “walk-through” feature of the project uses Google’s Street View technology. The project includes 16 images over one gigapixel in size (over 1 billion pixels); the largest, Ivanov’s The Appartition of Christ to the People, is over 12 gigapixels. By comparison, a typical digital camera takes pictures at 10 megapixels, or about 1000 times smaller in area.  Read more : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Art_Project

Why is it art?

….. Because I say so …..

Interesting article about the delusional arrogance of some art students in ‘School of Saatchi’  and a bit more

The problem for art colleges is that genuine talent is very, very rare. And while some students accept that they’ll never be the next Francis Bacon, the majority – blindly encouraged by their tutors, despite their complete lack of talent – genuinely believe they have what it takes.

Read the full article in Telegraph | Art? Even Tracey Emin said it was rubbish | by Christian Adams

….. Because they say so ? …..

….. Because we say so ? …..

Luckily there’s still talent out there and ART that inspires people. This week I could watch a TV programme from the BBC  with the title “Imagine”. It was a true pleasure to watch one of the arts series presented by Alan Yentob. The episode I  saw : “A look at an Arts Council scheme that enables people from any walk of life to buy artwork”.  In this serie we saw people buying art at a gallery and eventually we saw two art lovers commissioning a work. I thought their commissioned art work turned out fabulous for both parties (no, a success is not always the result – commissioned art can be difficult*) …..

There is a new breed of art collector on the block. No longer do you need to be fabulously wealthy to afford a Blake, a Banksy or a Hockney over your fireplace. Imagine meets a variety of people who are part of a small revolution in the art world. A factory worker, a pig farmer and a policeman are just some of those whose lives have been changed by an Arts Council scheme called Own Art, which has enabled them to take out an interest free loan to buy contemporary artwork. Broadcast on:BBC One, 11:05pm Tuesday 1st December 2009 Duration:55 minutes Available until:11:24pm Tuesday 29th December 2009 Categories: Factual, Arts, Culture & the Media.

The Own Art scheme is designed to make it easy and affordable for everyone to buy contemporary works of art and craft including paintings, photography, sculpture, glassware and furniture.

Imaging and Own Art scheme, see more

What is art?   “Art is what you can get away with” – Andy Warhol .  This still remains my favorite art quote (see my fine art page)

* ArtLawBlog | Commission Without a Contract: What Now?

Off The Record

Visit to Art Amsterdam and a Stedelijk-in-de-Stad exhibition.

At Art Amsterdam, formally KunstRai, photography was well represented. One presentation was a must see for me : http://www.stedelijkindestad.nl/pages/index_en | Stedelijk Museum‘s “Off the Record – Municipal Art Acquisitions 2009”. Few months ago I read with great interest the call from guest curator Hans Aarsman to ALL phtotographers to submit work (this year the theme was photography/video)  that came about without an artistic focus but by chance, coincidence or for the sake of documenting. (Hans Aarsman was inspired by coincidental discoveries in science and art…) Thus we had a typical Aarsman statement : defining ‘vernacular photography’ as art too. Indeed the Stedelijk Museum bought works from professionals as well as from amateurs. And yes, I can agree -partially- with this.

Read more about “Off the record” in Dutch / view photos on bint photobooks blog

Of course that started quite a debate. The discussion is again about art and photography. What is it about? More in Dutch on photoq.

Een meer serieus gevoerde gedachtewisseling

De grenzen van het medium worden opgezocht

Open brief Hans Aarsman aan de open-briefschrijvers

In Parool’s special art edition paper I read the Aarsman quote “Vijf beelden maken, dat is schilderij spelen”. In English something like : “To limit photography (a medium to reproduce) to five prints, is playing painting/painter”.

06.06.09  I just read the lastest reactions on Photoq and the art-discussion and had to think of “Tussen Kunst en Kitsch” / “Between art and ‘kitsch'” and it’s definition. I heard it explained recently as follows :  “Kunst prikkelt de geest en Kitsch prikkelt het oog” / (something like) : art effects/stimulates the brain and ‘kitsch’ effects the eye.  Also I had to think of something I read in an interview with Martin Parr : “photography is low and high culture all in one and all photography is interconnected”. And then I got back to the definition of art by Any Warhol. The only definition for me that comprises all : “ART IS WHAT YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH”.

=>The diversity and growth of photography vs the not recording of it’s evolution and not formed new theories<=

Off the record, I’m thinking that photography is getting too diffused and sometimes pretty FUCKED UP.

Polemic when it comes to profs vs micro stock photographer vs citizens photojournalists, digital “retouch” and manipulation,  art and cheap art, copyright issues, portrait right (privacy vs street) issues, artist rights, creative commons, photography vs imaging,  photographers vs artists, photographers vs actors and stakeholders, all the photographic experts, collectioneurs and investors, and the supply business / tech industry, legal business, marketing, stock photos business and art business…  Yes, what is photography about?  WHAT THEY CAN GET AWAY IT?