Vintage Serie – authentic – personal work

Vintage Serie, personal work in progress.

Personal work | Persoonlijk werk (2015-heden). Een persoonlijke opdracht die ik op locatie uitvoer. Styling, inkoop props en fotografie doe ik allemaal zelf. Alle objecten zijn authentiek.

This is a personal assignment that I execute on location. Besides the photography I also do the styling and buy (hunt) the props. All objects are authentic.

Sofa - VintageSerie

Sofa and table - VintageSerie

Living room with woman on sofa - VintageSerie (2015 _MG_1991web)

Blue chair, table and telephone | VintageSerie

Vintage : ‘Something from the past of high quality’. ‘A collection of contemporaneous and similar persons or things’.

Vintage | Housewife scene | Peeling potatoes.

‘Meubilair, verlichting en gebruiksvoorwerpen die al hun dienst hebben bewezen in de interieurs van particulieren of in bedrijfsruimtes. Vintage dateert uit de periode startend bij het modernisme tot eind 20ste eeuw en omvat verschillende stijlen en stromingen. Het gaat altijd om concepten ontworpen door architecten, designers of kunstenaars’.

Vintage photo project | Music | Portable Philips Turntable and Beatles singles.

Vintage portable Philips Turntable and Beatles singles.
Vintage portable Philips Turntable and Beatles singles.

Vinyl love | Vintage portable Philips turntable and Beatles singles.

‘Vintage fashion specialists identify key designers, shapes, textiles, stitching, and other details and characteristics that define the most influential pieces of the twentieth century’.

– The results show that the main antecedents to vintage consumption are fashion involvement and nostalgia proneness as well as need for uniqueness through the mediation of treasure hunting. In contrast, second‐hand consumption is directly driven by frugality. Eco‐consciousness plays an indirect role through bargain hunting. In essence, the thrill of the hunt is present for vintage and for second hand consumption. Yet, while vintage consumers shop for a unique piece with history, second‐hand consumers shop for a unique piece at a good price. Additionally, the main characteristics of vintage fashion consumers are a higher level of education and higher income whereas age is not directly related to the purchase of vintage pieces’.

Judith den Hollander – fotografie | Personal work | Bohuslän