Birds Nest In A Paint Can

Vogelnest 2017

Early April I noticed that 2 small birds were busy building a nest. I wondered if it was the same family that was here last year and made great reuse of an empty paint can. I was excited and happy to see them again.

8 april . Zo schattig en spannend : er vliegen weer vogeltjes af en aan en ze bouwen een nest in alweer een leeg verfblik. Misschien is het dezelfde familie?

This year the birds made a nest in a paint can that was hung up at 2 meters from the ground. A bit more inconvenient for me to look into. Don’t they re-use an old nest?

10 mei. Kijk hier is mijn extended family : Kwik, Kwak en Kwek. Ik zie er duidelijk 3 maar vermoed dat er ook een Kwok is…

10 May : See here my extended family : Huey, Dewey, and Louie. I can see clearly 3 birds but there might be 4. Question : is it an early birth this year or were they late last year?

Birds nest | Vogelnest

Last week the birds were doing fine and growing steadily. But as I was quite busy I did not manage to make more photos.

17 May. Shit happens. Life can be hard. People and birds get hurt; others die. No, life isn’t all roses and butterflies. Today I thought our new cat came in with yet another mouse. When trying to save the mouse by chasing the cat, he opened his mouth and dropped 2 small birds on the floor. WTF!!

Small dead bird | Fotografie Judith den Hollander
Birds nest and real life. From early birth to early death.

Fortunately 1 bird was still alive and I put it back in the nest. As the parents were shrieking out loud and flying around, we searched for the third youngster. It was alive and well and hopping around in the workshop and trying to fly. Apparently the birds got out of the nest today. Maybe the unfortunate one fell to his dead and broke his neck. Maybe it was not the cat that killed it?
Hopefully the oher 2 (or 3) will fly out today on this hot and sunny day. Be safe and keep well. Hopefully we will meet again next year.

Update 14.40 uur. Goed nieuws. Vader en moeder en de 2 jongen vliegen vrolijk nabij de werkplaats. De vlieglessen gaan uitstekend. Het geredde vogeltje zit nog in het verfblik. Hij lijkt in goede doen…..

Bird back in the nest, eager to fly out.

Update 21 May. All 3 baby birds flew out. (Yes, there were actually 4 birds in the nest). The birds are still around the workshop and whenever the cat is outside, they approach the cat, fly around him and they tease him! Honestly it is hilarious. Small birds flying around the cat and teasing him. Luckily the cat is not able to catch them and now and then I actually take some pity on the cat, as he follows his instincts and keeps on trying over and over again to catch the speedy teasing birds. The birds chitter out loud, seems like laughing. One of these days I might need to film this slap stick situation…

Birds nest 2019

Birds nest 2018

Birds nest 2016